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Pregnancy and Newborns - The final months

The final months
Increasing physical discomfort in the late stages of pregnancy is typical for all women.
As your shape continues to change and the frontal weight increases you may experience lower back pain, limited mobility, and find it hard to find a comfortable position to sleep in. The weight pushing upwards can lead to heartburn and you will need to rest more due to increasing fatigue. This is the time to take it easy, employ your relaxation techniques and take one day at a time.


Giving Birth
Labour is difficult for all women and each labour experience is different and individual, therefore it is difficult to judge to what extent fibromyalgia contributes to the pain of giving birth. Women with fibromyalgia have reported experiencing one easy birth and one difficult one and say that additional pregnancies do not seem to aggravate fibromyalgia symptoms further.

Listen to your own body and do what you think is right for you. Decide in advance how you wish to give birth and whether you want to have an epidural, use a TENS machine or have other forms of pain relief. The powerful hormone effects together with the delight of your new baby can mask any pain and exhaustion for the first 24 hours.

However, expect to feel exhausted, your body has just undergone a huge ordeal and your hormones are beginning to crash. Your fibromyalgia symptoms may return with a vengeance, which can be quite a shock if you have enjoyed relief during your pregnancy.

This period can be tough and you will need help and understanding from your partner and family.





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