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Call for Evidence

Meeting with Prof Harrington
DWP Caxton House

There were 12 charities represented from a wide range of conditions and disabilities.  Prof Harrington came across as very supportive of the difficulties faced by claimants and prepared to argue strongly for any improvements needed.

During the first year and for his interim report changes were made from anecdotal evidence.  This was compelling as stories from all quarters were giving similar messages on the changes needed.  However for this year’s report and recommendations, robust evidence is required.

This may be about:

  • Conflicting medical assessment report and your medical professional’s report
  • The decision maker not counting your medical professional’s report
  • The appeal not counting any additional evidence
  • The assessment report not matching details you supplied on the form
  • The assessment report not matching what actually happened

The evidence should be copies of reports and any other paperwork along with an accurate account outlining what happened and the outcomes.

We would also like to know about any complaints made.

  • Were you aware that you need to complain to ATOS if you think the medical assessor was at fault rather than the DWP?
  • Have you ever made a complaint?

Please let us know the result and any paperwork you have.

If you require the information to be given anonymously please indicate this and we will remove your name and any distinguishing references from all documentation you send us.

If we are to get consideration and changes made, we have to supply substantial evidence.  We cannot do this without everyone’s help.  We have the opportunity to make a difference and FMA UK is prepared to spend time and effort to do this.  Please provide us with the ammunition to fight this battle.

You can respond in whatever way suits you:

  • online at dwp - website
  • by email to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
  • by post to: 
    WCA Independent Review Team
    Floor 2, Section B
    Caxton House
    Tothill Street
    London SW1H 9NA 
Please also copy your submission to us by using this form here.

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