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Collection of documents to help people with Benefits

Recording Your Atos WCA Assessment

Paul Smith, of the Atos Victims Group says:

For quite a while now I have been campaigning on the very important issue of recording ones Atos WCA (Work Capability Assessment), through repeated FOI Requests, dozens of letters to Ministers and MPs I feel something has been achieved.

A specific reply to FOI Request from the DWP has now confirmed that claimants can now have their WCA assessment recorded If they request it, this has also been confirmed by Chris Grayling during a debate in the Westminster Hall on the 1st Feb 2012, to my way of thinking this is a victory for all those undergoing the Atos assessment process.


BBC WatchDog are looking for your stories on ATOS

tweeted the following today:

I am sure that there are many with fibromyalgia that have had this experience. Please get in touch with here to submit your story. Perhaps this will have fibromyalgia featured on the programme.

"Huge ESA victory – now you have till Tuesday to save DLA"

Benefits and Works have asked for your help to participate in saving DLA. There is a vote on Tuesday in parliament and you can contact your MP, sign petitions and retweet messages of support about the campaign. See the link below for the full newsletter.

"It’s not often we get to celebrate here at Benefits and Work.  So there has been enormous delight at the government suffering three – or possibly two - unexpected defeats in succession in the House of Lords over welfare reform

But if you want real joy, then please take part in the fight to save DLA.  It really is possible - but only if you act before Tuesday’s vote.  Please help to nail the latest government lie that you’re actually in favour of axing DLA."

Benefits and Works 12th January Newsletter

Paul Burstow letter

In a recent letter in response to questions about local treatment for fibromyalgia Paul Burstow replied as the minister with responsibility for long term conditions.

He spoke about the usual argument that it is for local PCTs to decide on options available and individual treatment. He also mentioned, as previous ministers have, the initiative we created to supply all GPs with an information pamphlet about fibromyalgia.

The new information included in the letter was the reference to our medical information booklet for the health professional team and we are pleased that this has his endorsement in this way.

He is hopeful that the new proposals being put through parliament at present will mean all long term conditions will be managed more effectively.

We will be writing to Paul Burstow outlining our concerns for the future and asking for a meeting to discuss how best to ensure fibromyalgia is effectively managed.

Are you Spartacus? Support the #spartacusreport

FMA UK welcomes the report published earlier this week about the changes to DLA proposed by the government. The “Responsible Reform” report was written and funded independently by a group of disabled people. It looks at many of the arguments offered by the government for their reforms.

It shows that much of the rise in DLA claimants over recent years has been down to better access to the benefit for those whose needs are often fluctuating and invisible. The report warns that the new PIP benefit may result in those with mental health and ‘hidden’ difficulties losing out as they are amongst the ones who often receive the lowest rates of DLA.

90% of respondents to consultations on the governments reforms were opposed to the introduction of new face to face assessments. The report reveals that reasons given included the fact that they are inappropriate and stressful for anyone who has communication difficulties or an 'invisible' condition such as fibromyalgia.


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