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Collection of documents to help people with Benefits

The Tribunal's Decision. What happens next?

It is not enough to disagree with the decision that the Tribunal panel reached when hearing your case.   There are unfortunately many people who experience the NO AWARD decision, and by this time most are so stressed out that their illness often becomes worse.  Many people feel frustrated and feel as if they're being called liars because they believe they should meet the criteria for receipt of benefit. 

You need to keep in mind that you are not a liar, and that even though your illness cannot be seen it has an all to real impact on your life.
It is the Commissioner's job to ensure that the Tribunal process is carried out with the legislation being interpreted correctly, and to ensure that the correct tests for each criteria to entitlement are used in each case.

If you have a Tribunal Representative they will be guiding you at this time to ensure they give you the best advice possible so that you can make the best choice for your situation.  If you do not have a Tribunal Representative it may be a good idea to get some advice to help you through this process.


Useful info when completing a DLA claim

Useful things you can do to help yourself with completing a DLA claim and getting medical evidence to back it up. 

Step one
Write out a pain diary that tracks what your care and mobility needs are, levels of pain, types of meds used, symptoms of your conditions that effect you etc. also include the time of day you need help and for how long each time.

Step two
Take diary to your GP so they can be aware of what problems you actually have as they can not guess when they're completing the claim forms and can only report what they have either seen or you've reported to them.



Tribunal Hints and Tips

Now that you've been turned down for benefit, you are probably wondering ‘Now what do I do?’ This document is aimed at helping you on the steps that you may have to take in order to take your decision to appeal. While this may seem a daunting prospect, there is a lot of help that you can take advantage of. Many people have already been down this route and succeeded.


Incapacity Benefit Applications

There are some things you can do to help yourself with completing an Incapacity Benefit claim and getting medical evidence to back it up. With an application for Incapacity Benefit(referred to as IB in this document) the Department will be trying to assess whether or not you’re capable of doing your job(called the own occupation assessment), and later on they will be considering whether or not you might be capable of any form of a job(called the all works test).

Incapacity Benefit has now been replaced with a new benefit called 'Employment Support Allowance' which began on the 27th of October 2008. We will be preparing a hints and tips guide for this soon. For those who are currently receiving IB or Income Support (IS) for ill health as long as you continue to meet the entitlement criteria your benefit will continue for the time being, eventually though all IB and IS for ill health will move over to the new benefit.


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