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E-book launch Fibromyalgia: road to recovery - Additional Information

Additional information


1. Now at her home in rural Somerset, Elizabeth is running 3 day 1:1 healing retreats, “for anyone who is ready to recover”.

2. FIBROMYALGIA, road to recovery has 11 chapters:

Part One: Facts from Fiction

  1. Chapter One: Dark Days to Diagnosis 
  2. Chapter two: What's in a label? 
  3. Chapter Three: What it is not 
  4. Chapter Four: Cause and effect
  5. Chapter Five: Let’s get some sleep (the sleep/pain cycle) 
  6. Chapter Six: Biting the bullet. NHS referrals & treatments
  7.  Chapter Seven: Pain and pacification

Part Two: Strategies for daily coping

  1. Chapter Eight: Self help: the search for healing
  2. Chapter Nine: Money matters: DLA and ESA 
  3. Chapter Ten: Struggling with housework: Should I cancel the cleaner? Chapter Eleven: Family and friends

Read FREE excerpts of the book here: http://www.fibromyalgia.vpweb.co.uk/

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