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Loving Someone with Fibro - kindle book release for 12th May

Loving Those With Fibro by Michael R Holien is being released on 12/05/14 to coincide with International Awareness Day.   The book is aimed at the family & friends of people with fibromyalgia.   Allan Borland, who is carer for his wife and daughter who both have fibromyalgia, kindly agreed to do a review of the book for us, together with another similar book that is available.  Both books are available to purchase through Amazon using the links below.

"I’m not usually a reader of books – that’s my wife and daughter’s hobby – but I was asked by my wife to read over a couple of books which have been written for the spouses, partners and friends of people suffering from fibromyalgia, and do a quick review of them both. 

The first book is Loving Those With Fibro – Caring for Those with the Invisible Disease – Michael R Holien.

Michael originally wrote a blog article regarding what you can do to help the your partner or friend with fibro.  He got such a response to his blog, he decided to write it up as a Kindle book.

Michael’s wife April has had fibro for 4 years, and these are just his experiences and observations on how he can help make her life better.   The book is short and easily written , and the reader can dip in and out of the different sections. 

There are 5 chapters covering ways you can help – with Do’s and Don’ts and examples of things you might do.   At the end of each- there is a question to consider and think about what you can personally do to help your partner/friend. 

A useful book – especially for someone whose partner or friend is newly diagnosed – when they may not know much about the illness, apart from seeing how it is affecting the person."

Loving Those with Fibro

Living with Fibromyalgia Patients – 79 Ways You Can Make Their Life Better  – Tom Buford

"Again, this book was written because of Tom’s wife  having suffered from fibromyalgia for over 10 years.  It’s a more detailed book, and longer reading – and I found it a bit repetitive at times.  Tom doesn’t refer to his wife by name, calling her My Honey throughout and he refers to the person with fibromyalgia as patients, which makes this book feel a bit impersonal.

The book starts off with quite a bit about fibromyalgia and then we have the 79 suggestions.  Each suggestion then explains how you can make the fibro person’s life better.  Sometimes the suggestions are repetitive and seem to be just common sense.

At times I felt that the book was slightly  too long …and that unless you had someone who was dedicated to finding out how they could help,  they would give up reading it half way through.

Certainly the first book was far quicker, easier for a quick read – and ideal for letting friends/family know how they can help … but the second book, while useful and with lots of good suggestion, is definitely a more involved read."

Living with Fibromyalgia Patients

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