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Successful fibromyalgia conference plan a reunion in 2011

Report by Leanne Daniels from Horndean FM SG

Dr Peter Fisher Chirr, MB, FRCP, From is Clinical Director and Director of Research at the Royal London Homoeopathic Hospital, London, Physician to HM Queen Elizabeth II and chaired the World Health Organization’s working group on homeopathy, whose report is due for publication soon.

Talking about fibromyalgia and homeopathy he described this as treatment of like with like.  It is different from herbal medicines and is often confused with this. Homeopathic treatment is for the person not the disease.  One of the conditions treated may be a bee sting with pain, swellings, relieved by cold and worse from pressure. The preparation to cure the condition would be one part of the mother tincture, and maybe 99 parts of water.

Dr Fisher reported that at the last survey in 1998 8% of the population was using homeopathic remedies with 470,000 users nationwide.  This related particularly to the chronically ill. The growth in users is between 12% and 13% annually.

Clinical research on Rhus Toxicoderdron for FMS using double blinds with placebos and homeopathic pills showed 25% of FMS patients responded to treatment in just over a month.  Tender Points cannot be reduced but these will respond and get worse if these points feel the condition is getting worse.  Overall people did better taking the pills than those on the placebo treatment.

Dr Fisher felt a condition with normal care and homeopathic treatment would work better offering a broader package of treatment than just normal care. He said people went to the Royal Homeopathic Hospital for treatment because other treatments did not work, or gave unwanted side effects, with the majority of patients responding well and improving.

The advantage of using homeopathic treatments was you could do it yourself, based on a small number of typical symptoms, it treats the person and not the disease. There are a limited number of homeopathic remedies, compared to many medications available, but you can do it yourself and it does not need a practitioner. It also has low dilution content compared to high dilution with meds.

Dr Fisher spoke of the symptoms homeopathic remedies could help and the treatments used.  Homeopathic treatment was available on the NHS but it was not easy to get. These treatments seem to work for fibromyalgia. With Choose & Book you can advise your GP you wish to be referred to the Royal Homeopathic Hospital in Great Ormond Street, London, or do it yourself on the Internet.

Group Leader of West York’s FM SG Denise Rhodes wrote the following report

Professor B K Puri MA (Can tab), PhD, MB, Chirr, BSc (Hones) MathCAD, MRCPsych, DipStat, PG Cert Maths,  MMath, is at Hammersmith Hospital and Imperial College London, he has carried out pioneering research work and is a world-leading neuroscience and biochemistry expert.

Professor Basant Puri asked is Fibromyalgia associated with changes in brain anatomy?  Previous studies show no grey matter reduction in normal healthy patients and fibromyalgia sufferers.  This is in contrast to patients with psychiatric conditions.

His very recent study tested FMS sufferers against a healthy control group and identified loss of grey matter in relation to fatigue.

His tests were carried out using very sophisticated MRI scanners at a higher level than normally used 1.5T(Teslas ) Teslas are measures of magnetic strength.  His tests were carried out using 3T and a totally unbiased research method called VBM approach.

His conclusions are that there is degeneration in grey matter in areas of the brain as a result of visual stimulus overload, and problems of coordinating motor and visual tasks, along with problems with sequenced complicated actions.




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