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Sally's Thames Bridges 20 km walk

Sally Sprigg together with friend Kate completed 18 miles and 16 bridges in 5 hours, raising funds and awareness about fibromyalgia. Sally told us her story: ‘’I've suffered with myofascial pain syndrome for over 13 years as well as fibromyalgia and recently diagnosed with chronic fatigue syndrome too. 13 years ago I got hit by a car and knocked off my bike and suffered damage to my lower back and left leg. 

I recovered slowly over few months but was never the same. The doctors believed my brain never recovered from the shock of the inccident. My diagnosis was slow and took 3 years. I tried everything possible as well as many different medications. I became so depressed and like a hermit thinking I couldn't stand it any longer. I lost my nan suddenly in 2011 and it made me wake up.
I realised that there was more to life and I was certain there were people with bigger problems than me.
I had good days and bad and decided I needed to work part time as full time was too much and I couldn't stand not working. I went to fibro clinic and pain clinic and got the help and support I needed to understand the condition and to learn to understand it and live with it and get the correct medication and treatments to control it.
Since January I've lost 3 stones and begun to do 5 to 18 mile walks most weeks as well as work part time as a delivery driver, as it allows me to pace myself. I recently married my husband Finch who has been such a rock for me and is learning about fibro too. I've completely turned my life around.

I plan over the next couple of years to do several more and more challenging marathon walks to help raise awareness and money for fibromyalgia so more can be done to help others.
I also recently helped out a young lady with advice as a friend said she was in the same place as me a few years ago and felt helpless.
After we'd finished talking the young lady left feeling hopeful and that she could get help. And I was happy to help her out. We plan on going to a local fibro group soon so she can get the support she needs as well as help from me.
I'm very passionate about supporting FMA UK as it took years to get people to believe there was something wrong with me and that I wasn’t making it up’’.

To donate to Sally’s JustGiving page please visit: https://www.justgiving.com/Sallyrichardson/


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