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Dana's story: Why I am fundraising for FMA UK

I am raising money for Fibromyalgia as I am in the process of being diagnosed with this horrible illness. Fibromyalgia can be similar to Multiple Sclerosis, Lyme disease, Lupus and rheumatoid arthritis. Often, fibromyalgia will run alongside these debilitating illnesses making It very hard to diagnose. As it stands I am not fully aware of the extent of what I have but none the less I feel the need to raise awareness for fibromyalgia.

Fibro can vary. Some can be wheelchair bound; others feel constant pain in their bodies, like fire running through the veins and nerves. Constant headaches, nerve twitching and tremors only scratch the surface with what this illness does. There is no cure to date. Medications help control the pain, but, there is always pain and a lot of it. A fibro sufferer is ill and so tired every single day, insomnia keeps us up at night. Loneliness and sadness is often with us as people find us hard to relate to. We may constantly speak about our pain, struggles and confusion. Trying to reach for a little bit of normality, but, this is a struggle to us.

I want to raise awareness so friends and families will understand more our struggles.

 I want more research so a cure can be found. This illness takes away person’s character and enthusiasm for life making it hard on people around us but mostly making it hard on ourselves to accept what we have. Age does not come into the equation with fibro. It can happen anytime to anyone. I suffer from constant pains, twitching and migraines, fatigue but insomnia, but these are just a few symptoms. My list grows every day. Please help cure this illness and bring back the lives it has stolen. 

To donate to Dana’s JustGiving page visithttps://www.justgiving.com/Dana-Looney/


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