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Chris's Murray tough mudder challenges for his Mum

Chris Murray is doing a series of tough mudders challenges for his Mum. Chris told us: ''My name is Chris, I am 29 and currently live in Halifax, West Yorkshire and I’ve decided to run 19 Tough Mudder events over a space of 5 months, some with back to back days and with only 5 days recovery time between events. Why? Because back in 2004, at the age of 16, whilst going through my GCSE’s, living at home with a brilliantly loving mother who raised three children single handed whilst working a full time job, she became sick.

My mum, Jackie, was forever active, when she was back from work she was playing with my little brother, at weekends a lot of her time was spent in the garden, out shopping or doing some form of DIY in the house, but that all changed. She became lethargic, was feeling pain when moving and was struggling to walk down the road on her bad days. Naturally, she went to the doctors for a check-up, they ran many tests, and couldn’t find a physical or biological reason for the deterioration she was going through, one doctor suggested that it was a psychological condition. As time passed she deteriorated and had to leave a job that she loved, but it was a hard task to help get my brother ready for school, let alone travel by bus to work. 

Thankfully, we found a doctor who did not give up and diagnosed her with Fibromyalgia, which at the time was nearly unheard of. They were able to prescribe tablet that helped ease the pain and consult with an occupational therapist to help with home adaptations to give her some more of her independence back, which she was fiercely proud of.

The condition is invisible, and because it is not that well-known people don’t know how to react with those that have to live with it. Some doctors prescribe highly addictive painkillers along with antidepressants and sleeping tablets as they feel that what they need is bed rest. In most cases, any form of physical therapy is redundant as the sufferers can barely get to the appointment without enduring severe pain.

Growing up, watching my mum go through that was the hardest thing I could imagine going through, seeing her go from this vibrant, independent woman so full of joy to seeing her unable to play with my little brother broke me. All of this, and the memory of who she was before the disease affected her, has inspired me to try to raise awareness and money for the Fibromyalgia Action UK charity. I have completed two Tough Mudder events in 2017 and have since signed up to complete as many as 19 in 2018 for FMAUK. Everything I raise will be going directly to FMAUK and I have already paid out for the entry to each event and will pay for additional costs for travel and staying near the locations from my own pocket.

I have a JustGiving page that is set up and ready for donations, if you have read my story and can donate anything you can both the charity and myself will greatly appreciate it.''



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