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Live game streaming fundraising challenge

FaffiSalus  will undertake3 streams of  4 hours gaming live-stream to raise funds for Fibromyalgia Action UK.   He told us why he raises funds to support our work: ‘’A friend and fellow streamer, who goes by the name „FibroJedi“ on the social platforms like Twitter and such, has Fibromyalgia and he recently had a really bad time with it.

I always wished to be able to do something for him but helping is more easily said than done…especially if you live in different countries. So I had a little chat with him about charities and he recommended FMA UK because he remembered having contact to this particular organisation in the past. So I thought about donating some money to FMA UK in order to help people who suffer like my friend. And then I thought „Maybe I can do even more…“ and I remembered seeing streamers having special charity streams where they collect money for organisations like this. So the idea of having my own little charity stream was born. I may not be a well known or famous streamer…but I have a bunch of friends that are relatively known on social media and if we push this with combined forces we may get people to notice it and thus to donating money.

I don’t have a high Goal or high expectations for this stream since I know that I am only a small guy on twitch but if only one Person donates and if only one more Person afterwards knows about fibro and FMA UK it was a success.’’

To see the life stream go to www.twitch.tv/faffisalus


Games Live-streaming schedule for 08 June 2018:

10:30-14:30 (CEST) -> Borderlands 2 

14:45-18:45 (CEST) -> Guild Wars 2

19:00-23:00 (CEST) -> Overwatch


To donate visit Philip’s JustGiving Page: https://www.justgiving.com/fundraising/faffisalus



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