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Charity concert in Worksop in aid of FMA UK

John Beaty is organising a concert in Worksop in aid of Fibromyalgia Action UK because his wife, Gwyneth, lives with this condition. John told us about the concert and why he decided to do it: ‘’The event we have planned for the 7th July 2018 is a musical evening.  I am in a band called Moonlightn’ and we perform live music from the 50s, 60s and 70s.  My youngest daughter Jayne Crow is a music teacher and sings and plays keyboard. Between Moonlightn’ and Jayne we decided to raise some money for FMAUK, a very worthwhile charity.  It is also a perfect opportunity to make people aware of Fibromyalgia, this debilitating illness.

The evening will be full of great music. We will have a bar, and food will also be available.  Great raffle prizes can be won and a lucky bag table is planned. We are very grateful that the North Notts Arena in Worksop, have given us a room with a bar and food for a very low price, to allows us to support our charity.

John’s wife, Gwyneth told us about her story: “ About 10 years ago I started getting abnormal pains in my feet and ankles.  Visits to the doctors and then visits to the hospital orthopaedic depart, for X rays and other tests.  Was it arthritis?  Did I need supports in my shoes?  The problems were the X rays didn’t really show anything and the insoles specially made for my feet were unbearable to wear.  The dreaded “Fibro” was starting to make it’s mark on my life.

Further doctors’ visits and many different drugs were prescribed, all to no avail.  The only think that came out of the prescription drugs was that they made me feel worse in several different ways.

My life was about to change. The pain was there every day, without fail.  The doctors couldn’t deal with it and it was actually my own research that prompted me to make a suggestion to the doctor, could it be Fibromyalgia? Well yes it could be!  I’ll refer you to a rheumatologist.  After pressing in all the right places, guess what!  The rheumatologist confirmed Fibromyalgia.  So where do I go from here?  After being told there was no cure, in a very matter of fact way, I was given yet more drugs, which may help!!  After taking them for two weeks I was beginning to feel that I was not on this planet.  I stopped taking them immediately and after telling my GP, she just said that it was a good job I had stopped them! 

 I made my mind up to stop taking drugs and try vitamins instead. I now fully appreciated all the pain and discomfort that the thousands of people were writing about on social media.  My life has changed!  I have severe pain in my legs and feet every day.  I am unable to stand for longer than a few minutes and not able to walk more than a few yards comfortably. Along with all the other things that Fibro gives you, like severe fatigue, IBS, and chronic rhinitis, life is very challenging.  I try to keep as active as I can and enjoy being a member of Worksop & District U3A, where I do Art, Papercraft and run the News Letter every month.  

As other people say, I now take each day as it comes and always hope that the day will be a good one.

Thank you for checking out FMA UK and supporting such a worthy cause, Gwyneth.X”

I decided that the best way to help my wife and all the other sufferers of Fibromyalgia was to raise some money for the FMAUK charity, so that they can help to try to make the lives of the sufferers more manageable and bearable.  Please help support us by either coming to the Musical Evening or by making a donation via the Just Giving page.  PLEASE HELP US bring Fibromyalgia to the front of awareness.

Thank You, John Beaty’’

To donate visit John’s and Gwyneth’s JustGiving Page: https://www.justgiving.com/fundraising/moonlightin




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