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Stephen: How fibromyalgia has impacted me

It took Stephen over 11 years to get a formal diagnosis and he had to see 4 doctors during this process.

"It's been such a long time. The last time I felt well would have been in my teens. I'm 34 now so over half my life has been difficult. It fills me with sadness to look back. I had hope and dreams. Had a career idea. I was sociable. I've lost pretty much all of that. I try to remain positive but it's very difficult.        

I injured my neck age 13 so all my pain was put down to that. I lost my self-confidence as I was told many times it was your neck even though I knew there was something else. It took 14 years to get diagnosed. Scandalous! I felt because I was young/healthy/physically fit I was dismissed. I was also put on end of life strength drugs Fentanyl for over a decade. The doctor that diagnosed me was very good but it took years and year of my persistence. 

Life is very difficult. The last few years have been dreadful. I can't think clearly. I'm in a lot of pain. My legs ache. I fall. I'm clumsy. I mix words up. I'm forgetful. I sweat easily. It's a massive struggle. There's not much in the media about males with Fibromyalgia. Drives me mad. I would love to tell them exactly what life is like living with Fibromyalgia.

Please get the word out in the media. It's such a lonely world being male with Fibromyalgia."

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