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The Fibromyalgic Pregnancy and Beyond

From preconceptual care to postnatal success
by Denyse King RM

Editors Note: This booklet is not available in a published printed form as yet. As soon as funds are available we will have these printed and available from the office. Until then it will be available online in this form with a published booklet being made available in the future.

Imortant info before reading this guide.

  1. This booklet is intended for use as a guide only.  It is not to be used in place of a consultation with your usual maternity healthcare professional. 
  2. Services, policies and techniques used will vary between hospitals depending on what is thought to offer the best healthcare for the residents of their local population. 
  3. If you have any preconception, pregnancy, childbirth or postnatal questions that this booklet doesn’t answer then please email me using this form.


  • The Fibromyalgic Pregnancy and Beyond: from preconceptual care to postnatal success. 0
  • The 12 Month Pregnancy. 3
  • Conception. 5
  • Early Pregnancy- physical and emotional challenges. 7
  • Tips to help you navigate the screening and diagnostic odyssey. 9
  • Risk Results and What Happens Next 10
  • Common Changes During Pregnancy. 13
  • Less common changes and complications during pregnancy. 19
  • Atypical antibodies and prevention of haemolytic disease in the newborn. 22
  • Group B Streptococcus (GBS) 23
  • Changes in the Last Few Weeks. 24
  • Is This Really Labour?. 25
  • Pain Relief 26
  • Breathing. 26
  • Different ways you may give birth. 29
  • The Postnatal Map. 32
  • Index

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