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What is an All Party Parliamentary Group?

An All Party Parliamentary Group (APPG) consists of backbench Members of the House of Commons and/or House of Lords from more than one political party and is established to examine issues that are non-contentious in party political terms.  An APPG can draw attention to certain aspects of public affairs and assist in keeping the Government informed of parliamentary opinion.  It may also act as a pressure-group to promote a specific cause, such as fibromyalgia.  An APPG is not controlled by the party whips and each Group must have a minimum of 20 parliamentarians from both the government party and the official opposition with Officers elected annually.

What is the purpose of the APPG on fibromyalgia?

To raise awareness of the condition amongst opinion formers and decision makers at Westminster and the wider community.

What is the relationship between FMA UK and the APPG on fibromyalgia?

FMA UK and the APPG work closely together but the APPG does not belong to FMA UK.  The APPG exists solely to raise awareness amongst MPs of fibromyalgia issues with input from FMA UK.

How do MPs know about the APPG?

APPG meetings and events are advertised within Parliament and MPs will sign up to those APPGs of interest to them.  They can also be asked by members of their constituencies to represent them at an APPG.

How do MPs sign up to the APPG on fibromyalgia?

Interested MPs should contact Rob Wilson’s PA and register their interest.  MPs must then re-sign annually at the AGM.  We have heard of many MPs who think they are signed up but whose membership has expired.




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