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Forum Rules

Rules - What you should and shouldn't be doing at the FMA UK forum.

Account Interaction
Censor Bypassing
Homosexual/Etc Slurs
Illegal Acts
Outside Linking
Double Posting
Account Interaction
Postcount Resets
Forum Blocks
Temporary Bans
Permanent Bans
Automatic Bans
Ban on Sight
Leaving the Forum
Removal of your Account

These rules are in place so that the forum and its boards can keep working they way that they are intended to. For the most part these rules will not need to be enforced as the majority of people will not break any of them in normal use of the forum

If you think something on the forum is wrong, or someone has posted somethingoffensive or that is SPAM then please report it to a moderator using the link to the right of the post. Do not reply to the poster and argue with them about it as that may result in action being taken about your behaviour.

When disputes happen the moderators will decide based ont he informaiton they have to hand. You can find out more on this process here.

Account Interaction

Definition: This entails you using more than one of your accounts to effectively talk to yourself in a topic. While you are allowed to register more than one account, you are not allowed to engage in conversations with yourself. Members found using multiple accounts to converse with themselves can expect both accounts to be automatically banned.

Example To get more traffic in a topic you started, you log in with your other account and post a reply to your account that started the topic.

Note - Retroactively attributing the second account to a sibling ("the 'brother' excuse") is not a viable defense if you have been banned for interaction.


Definition: Advertising consists of posting links to sites other than FMAUK in order to promote another site or forum or any sale, service, etc.

Note --- You also cannot advertise in your signature. This includes putting outside links or you e-mail address in your signature for promotional purposes. (These are not allowed in your signature for any purposes See: Outside Linking). You may, however, have a message in your signature directing people to click on the homepage link in your profile.

Posting a thread that says "Hey, go to my website at www.mywebsite.com" anywhere.
Placing "http://www.google.com," "google.com," or "This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it." in your signature to promote a site or a sale.

If you are unsure whether something is advertising or not, a general test would be whether the main purpose of the link or post is to benefit the product or site to which it is linked, an act of advertising, or whether its purpose is to benefit the members of FMAUK, in which case it would likely be acceptable.

Censor Bypassing

Definition: Censor bypassing is when you attempt to go around the censors in place on the forums to make a "swear" word fully visible. This includes misspelling the word intentionally. You must obscure at least one of the letters of the "swear" word by using the symbols that can be made by pushing shift and a number at the top of the standard UK keyboard. Some forums allow censor bypassing, see the forum's rules for details.

Example of ACCEPTABLE censor bypassing: "SH*T".


Definition: Flaming is saying something derogatory about another member. While the extent of the 'flame' is at the moderator's discretion or blatant flames are not allowed at any time.

Example: "You're an as*hole and your opinions are retarded!"

More information about abuse and bullying can be found here


Definition: The act of "jabbing" at someone with comments intended to provoke another into an argument. Said comments do not specifically have to be flames in and of themselves.

Example: Posting "Something sucks!" in the when you know that a particular person or group will respond. Such a comment would only serve to provoke a fight.

Homosexual/racial/etc slurs

Homosexual Slurs: Homosexual slurs are defined as using a homosexual reference toward a person/object/place/thing in a derogatory manner.
This is not just limited to direct insults (IE, calling someone "gay"), but also includes using the term gay or any other homosexual reference in a derogatory manner (IE "this game is gay").
This does not include factual statements such as "Elton John is homosexual" or "We had a gay pride parade in our town today" - again, as long as the statement is not demeaning the subject.

Racial Slurs: Racial slurs are defined as using a racial reference toward a person/object/place/thing in a derogatory manner.
It doesn't matter if the term is sometimes used among people of that specific race, the terms are ultimately insulting to the majority of the population, are not considered socially acceptable, and are thus insulting and derogatory.
Just try and treat people with respect, regardless of their preferences and whether or not you agree with them. You would not like it if someone used your race, gender, age, etc constantly as a derogatory reference.

Illegal Acts

Definition: Anyone found to be encouraging illegal acts, regardless of what that act may be, will be warned and/or banned. ABSOLUTELY NO DISCUSSION WILL BE ALLOWED, TO AVOID ANY "Well I thought it was OK!" PERIOD.

Examples: Encouraging the use of illegal drugs.

Outside Linking

Definition: Outside linking consists of posting links to sites other than FMA UK in situations where the link is irrelevant and unnecessary. Links may be posted when the link will further the discussion or help someone with a question.

Double Posting

Definition: As the name suggests this is wehn multiple posts are made contianing the same content. This is often carried out on different boards.

To maintain meaningful discussions it is important that posts are put in the correct board and not posted multiple times. When conversations develop from multiple posts you often have half the conversation developing in both threads and it becomes increasing difficult to follow. Posts may be merged, have duplicates deleted, or indeed have all copies removed.


Definition: Standing for "Stupid Pointless Annoying Messages", is posting just for the sake of raising your post count or posting something that is not relevant to the topic at hand.
This includes one word replies, a totally off-topic post or thread, making a "I know everything about this subject, ask me" topic in a forum, and bumping dead topics. In addition, if you have something personal to say (i.e.: Where have you been?) to another member use the PM function or it will be considered SPAM.

Examples: Posting a one-word reply in a topic, such as "sure."
You see your friend in a topic and tell them hello rather than posting along the lines of what the topic is about.

- What can happen if you don't follow the rules.

A moderator may warn you if you break a rule. Warnings are your first indication that you have done something wrong, and if you find yourself on the receiving end of one, it's a sign that you should quickly re-evaluate whatever you did to warrant it.

The moderator may post it in the topic or PM you about it.

Post-count Reset

Normally the result of habitual SPAMmers, a post-count reset will put the number under your username back to 0.

Forum Blocks

If you get forum blocked from a forum the forum will disappear from your forum listing and/or you will get a page saying you can't access the forum.

If you're forum blocked, and you attempt to circumvent this punishment by registering another account or using an alternate account, all associated accounts will be banned outright.

Temporary Bans

While you can still view the forums, a temporary ban does not allow you to post in any forum. It is less severe as a permanent ban as you will get back your name, posts, rep, etc.

As with a forum block, if you attempt to circumvent a temp-ban by registering another account or using an alternate account to post, all associated accounts will be banned.

Permanent Bans

If you are permanently banned you will not be able to access the forums and will instead see a message stating why you were banned. You have just lost your name, rep, posts, PMs, etc. Now you have to make a new account.

You can make a new account unless you are told you are Ban On Sight and/or you know you've had 3 accounts banned in the past.

Automatic Bans

Certain types of accounts and offenses qualify a member for an automatic ban from the forums.

Advertising Accounts: Accounts created for the sole purpose of advertising other websites/promotions are able to be banned instantly. Simply state in the mod forum that you believe the member was created simply to advertise and an smod or Admin will ban them.

Pornography: Members that post links to pornographic or explicit websites/images are also able to be instantly banned.

Account Interaction: Members found to be using multiple accounts to have conversations with themselves will have all interacting accounts instantly banned. Request it in the mod forum, and an smod or Admin will ban them.

Ban on Sight

If you have had 3 accounts banned for any reason and we are unable to IP ban you, you are considered Ban on Sight unless other arrangements have been made with the administration. This means as soon as we figure out its you, we're going to ban you.

Leaving the forum
If you are considering leaving the forum there is a simple process to follow. First of all you would contact a moderator or admin and make your request. They would ask for your reason for leaving and then if this could not be resolved you would be then be presented with the following options:

  • Take a break from the forum for a couple of days
  • Leave the forum but keep your account open so that you could return
  • A change of username and / or display name
  • The removal of your account
Removal of your Account
If you would like to have your forum account removed then we would go through the following steps. These have been instroduced for several reasons including the number of users that have returned after changing their mind and realising that they wanted to come back.
  • After your request is received we would put a temporary ban on your account for 7 days.
  • This ban would display a message that allows you to get in touch and request for your account to be re-enabled
  • After this "cooling off" period your account would be deactivated and removed from the system.
    • you would lose the ability to login
    • you would not receive post notifications or pm's
    • if you rejoined the forum, your posts would not be attributed to you and your post count would be zeroed once more
  • Your posts would remain and would have your original username attributed against them but no profile or account links so people would no longer be able to pm you.
  • The ban would be removed
We are sometimes asked for posts to be removed but it has always been our policy that they are left to provide context to the discussions around them. Additionally the effort required by volunteer mods would be too great.
Other stuff that you should know
  • If you have any questions about these rules then ask a member of the moderators or an admin.
  • If you have a question or concern about a warning/block/ban you received, please contact a moderator
  • You can request to be unblocked from a forum by PMing the mod(s) of that forum. Please remember to wait a decent amount of time before you start asking to be unblocked. You were blocked for a reason.
  • These rules will evolve as time passes so please check back every once in a while.


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