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Loving Someone with Fibro - kindle book release for 12th May

Loving Those With Fibro by Michael R Holien is being released on 12/05/14 to coincide with International Awareness Day.   The book is aimed at the family & friends of people with fibromyalgia.   Allan Borland, who is carer for his wife and daughter who both have fibromyalgia, kindly agreed to do a review of the book for us, together with another similar book that is available.  Both books are available to purchase through Amazon using the links below.


Book Review - Paintracking your personal guide to living well with chronic pain

pain trackingWhen I was asked to review this book I had thought that I’d be able to skim read it but as I started to read I knew that this was impossible as I felt, as I was reading, that this book was written for me. Having Fibromyalgia I was able to identify with so much in the book and found myself so engrossed in what I was reading that I wanted to read and devour every line.

Deborah says that this book that she has written is the book that she wishes someone had given her when she was first diagnosed. I run a support group for 300 people with Fibromyalgia and have set up seven other groups in Kent in England, and this will be the book I will be recommending to everyone. It really is a ‘must read’ for anyone with a chronic pain condition.


Tot's Tale is a Treasure!

A great new book to help explain to your children about invisible illness and chronic pain.Have you ever found it difficult to talk to the children in your life about chronic pain?

Young children don't understand how it hurts when they want to be picked up, played together with and doing activities that can be painful. As an adult you can feel bad that you can't do things for these young ones on some days. Research shows that many caregivers and parents feel that they are burdening the children in their lives by talking to them about their pain. They are also having problems making such a hard concept understood even to adult loved ones.

If you do have children in your life, then you should consider this new book "Tot's Tale About The Clever Colour System" for children aged 2-7 although it is great for all ages!


Book Review - Fibromyalgia Up Close and Personal

Fibromyalgia Up Close and Personal by Dr Mark PellegrinoDr Pellegrinos_book_cover

Dr Pellegrino has always been one of my favourite writers and it has been my pleasure to work with him on various articles I've written on FM over the years. He has cared for over 15,000 FM patients during the course of his medical career and is one of the leading experts on fibromyalgia, as well as being an FM survivor himself.

His fully comprehensive book covers all aspects of fibromyalgia including diagnosis, research, exercise, medication, nutritional approaches, alternative medicine, how to get a good night’s sleep, fibro fog, FM in children, post-traumatic FM, and how to handle FM all sorts of life situations like at work, on holiday or when you become a parent.


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