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Can other people see my email address?

The forum has a personal message system that allows people to communicate with each other without going off the site. However the site can also display peoples email addresses so that they can communicate using this method.

The choice of whether a person shows their email address is in the

Profile > Account Related Settings > Hide email address from public?

Ensure that this is ticked to hide your email address or unticked to display it.

By default, the site hides all email addresses from view as having them displayed will mean that you get more spam Sad Now some people query why they can still see their own email address when they are logged in...... The reason for this is that you can always see your own email address, as can moderators and administrators of the site.

If you want to prove that it is hidden to all other people on the site then please logout and then try and view your profile from one of your posts and you will see that your email address is shown as hidden.

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