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Is it possible to change the colour of the quoted text?

This is possible and fairly straight foward when you get used to it, but for the benefit of those who are new to it I will do a how to step by step.
1) Press the tab so bring up the text in a reply box, this will bring up a post reply box with text similar to the following:

[*quote author=01j01 link=topic=3266.msg48834#msg48834 date=1179608878]
Hi Guy's,
I want to have a little rant here!!

(remove the stars to make the BB code work above)
2) Now you need to highlight the quotation text, this again is done as described above where you go to the start of the text, hold down the left mouse button and drag the cursor to the end of the text. for my example only the following text will be highlighted.

Hi Guy's,
I want to have a little rant here!!

3) When you have the text highlighted, release the mouse key.

4) Just above the text box you will see the "Change Color" drop down menu, select the colour you want to see the quote in.

5) Go to the end of ALL the text and press enter to start a new line. Then add any new text you want as you would whilst doing a normal quote.

6) Press Post to enter the post onto the forums.

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