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How to deal with an abusive personal message or email.

We have had a problems in the past with people getting abusive pm's or emails. If it is an email then I'm afraid there is nothing we can do about it as it is off the forum, however reporting it to the moderators team will make them aware that this has happened and will mean that they can keep an eye on the situation as far as the forum is concerned.

When it comes to pm's there is much more we can do BUT you have to report is straight away. All pm's have a 'link' to click on at the bottom right which says 'Report to Admin' and by clicking on this link, a copy of the pm together with your name and your reason for reporting it go straight to the forum Administrator (Des Quinn.) We can then act on it and warn the sender or, if they persist in doing it, ban them from the forum for abusive behaviour.

We can't do anything if you don't report it however. Word of mouth or a complaint without any evidence can't be acted upon so click "Report to Admin" and leave it to us to sort out. Don't bother writing a reply as this can lead to further abuse and possible complaints from the abuser about the answer.

Please do not post the offending PM on the forum or persons name to shame them.

A summary of reporting and complaints processes:

  • reporting a post generates a special post in a board that all the mods can see and react to.
  • reporting a pm means a message with the actual pm comes to the admin only
  • A complaint about a member can be made to any mod or to me, but without a reported post or pm there is little we can do
  • A complaint about a mod can be raised with the admin preferably or another mod but preferably with the admin as it will come to them in any case.
  • A complaint about the admin or how they have dealt with a situation can be made to Pam Stewart or another Trustee.

And if in doubt please ask a mod and they will be able to point you in the correct direction.

FMA UK will not tolerate any threat to this forum being a supportive environment for people with fibromyalgia. However we will not be able to act on any complaints without supporting evidence.

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