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Kay Breden is running Ashford 10k Run to inspire others

Kay told us why she has chosen to run despite living with fibromyalgia: "I have had Fibro for 6 yrs now. Before Fibro I was extremely active, very for and a very active mother to my daughter to. 

Then I was hit with Fibro after a mental breakdown. 

At the start I was bed bound 3 days a week, somedays paralysed from waist down with chronic pain, unable to use my legs. I then progressed over the first 3 years onto crutches then onto a walking stick to aid me walking. The last 2 yrs I have concentrated on learning the new body I have, soaking up all information and learning my new boundaries. I slowly trained my body to gradually get used to my chronic pain. 

I spent my time writing whilst doing so and finally released a book called My Fibro Rant to raise awareness for Fibromyalgia and help others feel less alone. But I made sure my book was honest, truthful but with a humouress twist to make light of a bad situation. I learnt how people around me reacted and dealt with my illness, partners, family and my daughter included. I wanted my book to help all that was effected not just us sufferers. 

The last year I then went on to build a YouTube channel to raise more awareness and give support to others who needed it. It turns out that not only did I do I now have followers from across the world but they are all ages young and old , I have many men on there that ask for advice or watch my videos to help them understand what there loved ones are going through. But I also have mental health sufferers who find that the mental health side of Fibro that I talk about, anxiety, depression etc helps them to. 

I have recently started up a Facebook page , a positive Facebook page for those who do not wish to look at it as negative but who wish to make jokes about it but feel they cannot do this in other forums through fear of upsetting others. 

This year I decided I still wanted to do more so I started to train my body to see if I could run again after 6 years. It turns out after gradual exercise I have finally been able to return to running after learning new triggers and limits. 
I have the backing and support from Givauden in Ashford who are organising a 10k run on Oct 7th and are excited to have me as part of it to help raise money for Fibromyalgia. 

I want to do this for a few reasons. 
One to raise money for Fibromyalgia, 

No.2 to raise awareness, I shall have my running gear all printed with Fibromyalgia Awareness and Info. 

No.3 Because this is personal, Fibro took this away from me. This year was the first year in 6 yrs I've even been able to wear high heels let alone run again. 

No.4 to show everyone, all my supporters, followers, people that look to me for inspiration, I want to show them that nothing is impossible, I want to show them that just by learning me, no fancy diets or exercise regimes or trainers or special medications -JUST LEARNING MY BODY, my limits, and doing it my way ........just by concentrating on me I have been able to get back something I love that I never thought I'd do again. I want to encourage others that it's possible to do anything they love if they concentrate on themselves. Because no one else can do it. 

Fibromyalgia is NOT us......it is just merely part of us. But how big a part of us is our choice. "

I would be happy for my story to be used. I try to inspire as many as I can. 

I appreciate your help Thankyou and look forward to raising as much as I can for a cause so close to my heart. 


To donate visit Kay’s JustGiving page:



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