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Sponsor Pam to climb Kilimanjaro

Mt Kilimanjaro Sixtieth Birthday Challenge  
[Editors Note:
Pam successfully carried out this epic challenge and a report is available in the FaMily Magazine.]

Now you know I really am mad!  Let me tell you briefly about this trek.Image

For the last few birthdays my elder son, Jim, has not known what to get me for a present.  When he asked me in desperation what I would like from him, I asked for his company up a mountain.  This started a tradition and we have trekked up several peaks including Snowdon, Scafell and Ben Nevis.


Two years ago we talked about the 60th birthday having to be a really special trek and a TV programme about Kilimanjaro was the inspiration.  Bob knew he would be happy sitting watching the wildlife, and perhaps us, through his binoculars at the base.  When Bob died last year we were determined to follow the plan through that we had all made together.  We originally had no intention of making it a sponsored event .  That idea came from other people who saw it as an opportunity which should not be wasted.


The trek has been arranged so that we reach the summit on my birthday.  Both my sons will be with me along with a couple of their friends, so I will have 4 young men to give me a helping hand.  They have the problem of working out how to get the birthday cake to the top, although I doubt I will have enough breath to blow out the candles.


The trek to the top takes 5 days.  Part of this is due to the fact that at 5896m the air is lacking in oxygen and progress is slowed down.  We will be spending a horizontal day on the way up.  This doesn’t mean we will be laying down and resting, but trekking across the mountain to get used to the altitude, so it will take us 6 days up and 1 down.  We start at the bottom in shorts and t-shirts and gradually put on more and more clothes as we go up.  The summit is snow covered so the Fibromyalgia Association t-shirt will have to go over the top of the thermals for the photographs.


I hope you will be thinking of us as we haul ourselves up and give us a mental push. You can download a Sponsor Form here

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