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Fran's Sponsored Silence

dscf1622My Name is Fran Rhodes I am 46 and have been a sufferer of Fibromyalgia for about 4 years, along with CFS, TMJ, IBS, sinus, urinary problems, compressing hips, diabetes,  depression  etc. I left work end of 2008 and have been struggling against this illness ever since, it's a debilitating illness which has virtually taken over my life, but I am not prepared to let it beat me yet. I am looking to do 4/5 hours Sponsored Silence in aid Fibromyalgia Awareness Day on 12 May in either our local doctors waiting room or a shop forecourt whichever will say yes to me.

 I have a large amount of people on my Facebook site that have joined together over the world who are joint sufferers it has become a bit of a focal point where we can chat, moan and groan and of course have fun too. Life is too short to be miserable and I try to smile as much as I can and my theme tune is 'Always look on the bright side of life' the Monty Python tune.

  I am lucky to have a supportive partner & family but still have my down days when I feel like I am all alone, but I know I'm not. But my greatest asset it my sense of humour which I know has got me through.

 My contact details for the sponsored silence are www.justgiving.com/Fran-Rhodes/ and I welcome fellow sufferers to come and meet many other like minded people on Face Book under Fran Rhodes. We laugh, we chat, we moan and groan and give support to each other, and when you feel alone and think you are on your own there is usually someone online 24/7 to chat to.


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