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Fundraising For FMA UK

This article highlights some of  the fundraising activities which are taking place on behalf of FMA UK.  If you are interested in learning more about how you can fundraise for FMA UK please visit www.fmauk.org/fundraising for ideas and help how to go about organising your own event.

Jon Moreau Swims from Europe to Asia

On 30/08/13, Jon Moreau swam the Hellespont for FMA UK.  The Hellespont is a strait of water between Europe and Asia and is one of the world's  most iconic swims.  The swim is 4.5 km and across one of the busiest shipping lanes in the world which is shut for just 1.5 hours for this race!! 

Here's what Jon had to say afterwards

The event was really challenging.  The wind was force 4 and the waves up to 1.5 meters high with very strong currents. Due to this the organisers extended the time for the event by 30 minutes and I was able to make the swim in time.

Of the 500 + swimmers that entered the event, more than 200 didn't make it across due to the weather conditions.  This was a really challenging and inspiring event that I have trained hard for over the last 3 years.  As a result, I have become one of a small group of people who have swum from Europe to Asia!  


Details of the swim, its historic significance and the charity for which I was swimming can be found on my justgiving site  Jon's Just Giving Page

Thank you all again for your support, so far we have raised over £1400 for charity.


Kylo Gorman does the Tough Mudder 

Kylo will be taking part in the Tough Mudder South West Challenge over the weekend of 21/09/13

I'm 25 year old Welsh man from Neath, South Wales. I'm in the Royal Air Force at RAF Leeming, North Yorkshire and work as an IT Technician.

I am completing the Tough Mudder South West event on the 21st Sept in Powys, Wales. It as a 12 mile, 25 obstacle assault course including running through electric cables with 10,000 volts, jumping in a pool of ice water, running through bails of hay on fire and  lots and lots of cold muddy water.

I have chosen to support the Fibromyalgia Association because my mother suffers from this illness, so it is very close to home for me.

She has been suffering from it for a while now, but it took them a very long time to diagnose her with Fibromyalgia because the doctors didn't really seem to know much about it. My mother is brilliant at hiding the fact that she is in constant pain, which probably came hand in hand with why it took the doctors so long to diagnose her with Fibromyalgia, because she would never get across how much pain she was actually in. Some days she seems to cope brilliantly, but then other days are total write-offs. She also struggles to get comfortable and sleep at night.  I'm sure fellow Fibro'ees' can relate to that! My mother says the biggest problem with Fibro is that it's very frustrating. You want to be able to do things, but your body just won't let you. It's a very depressing illness. I had never heard of fibromyalgia before my mother was diagnosed, which is another reason why I have chosen this charity, because I really think it needs more publicity and money pumped into it for research into a possible cure.

Kylos's Just Giving Page


Dean Brammer organises 33K Cycle Race in Lincoln

Dean is organising a 33K Cycle race to take place in Lincoln on 20/10/13.  

My name Is Dean Brammer, I have had fibromyalgia for the past 4 yrs and it has got worse my case maybe isn't as bad as others but I try not to let it limit me from my day to day life but it is a painful struggle I am a bmxer/ mountainboarder/ skateboarder and part time Carer, being a Carer has shown me that some other cases of fibromyalgia can be so much worse so I arranged this event so people can be made aware and so I can help raise some money for your great cause.

What started as me and a couple friends doing a sponsored 33k bike ride seems to have blown up to something big, sainsburys want to get involved I am on talks with them also a local printing company and I have a highly qualified events manager friend of mine making this event as big as possible.

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