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Gaming for Good

gaming for good graphic with image of game controller in hands

Why Gaming for Good?

People with chronic pain conditions have often used distraction techniques as a diversion from their pain. Fibromyalgia Action UK are hearing from an increasing number of people with fibro who use gaming for enjoyment and as a distraction to cope with and manage their pain.

For this reason, we have launched a fibro awareness and fundraising campaign around gaming and called Gaming for Good. Through this, we hope to get more people involved in gaming and experience the benefits of gaming whilst also raising awareness of fibromyalgia. It will also provide a more inclusive and alternative way of fundraising for those unable to take part in traditional fundraising events like marathon running, etc.

How to take part in Gaming for Good

Do you own a PC, PlayStation, or Xbox and enjoy playing video games?

Join our mission by taking part in a gaming tournament or marathon! Challenge your friends, form teams, or go solo and get gaming for good.

Either host your own event and invite friends or alternatively challenge yourself to game for a set period. You can also combine a tournament with a marathon inviting friends or fundraise in teams.

Help us raise funds to improve the lives of people with fibromyalgia by increasing awareness of the condition, improve the awareness of, and access to treatments.

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