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Where did the fibro duck idea come from?

Firstly ...it's to do with the color of yellow rubber ducks.

20131111_130138_ducks with spots.jpg

In 2009, an FMAUK trustee saw a pic of ducks in a duck race in the Thames. The ducks in the water reminded him of the FMAUK colours (yellow and black). At a trustees meeting in easter of that year the use of the colours and the ducks was discussed.

This then led to the thinking that majority of people with fibromyalgia were independent, hard working people before taking ill. Having fibromyalgia has slowed down the pace of their lives.


When you take a duck out of water, it can still move around but is slower, awkward and clumsy - people with fibro can still do things but they are slower and struggle more.
Also, when a duck swims you do not see the effort going on under the water ...this is the invisible aspect of fibro ...where you do not see the effort and energy required to carry out even basic tasks and activities.

The original article about the use of the ducks can be found here.

Want your own little duckies then get them here or click on the links below and add them to your basket. Like our other fundraising items, all proceeds go  to help people with fibromyalgia through the activities of FMA UK.

you can see the fibro ducks in their natural dotty habitat below :)

Dotty ducks banding together


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